His Soirée

A Taste Of Eternity

A Soirée presenting the art of riding with dining and music.
Directed by Manuel Jorge de Oliveira.

The protagonists

Eva Steinbach
The professional, state-approved horse trainer, rewarded with the Stensbeck-medal, is in charge of the Oliveira Stables. She graduated as a professional riding instructor and horse trainer with the honour of the Stensbeck medal. One of her special characteristics is her outstanding feeling for people and animals. Always "pro horse", she develops the horses' individual talents in a wholistic manner, but respects their natural limits and personality.
Throughout her career, Eva has never stopped learning. She took part in clinics of Richard Hinrichs, Ruth Giffels, Heike Kemmer as well as Martin Plewa (national riding and driving school of Münster), Mister Müller (German riding school in Warendorf) and Mister Gehrmann (national riding and driving school in Wülfrath/Langenfeld), as well as of Dominic Erhardt, Mrs Stadelmeyer, chief écuyer of the Spanish Riding School Johann Riegler, David de Wispelaere and the Max-Theurer family of Austria. Today, she works with Manuel Jorge de Oliveira exclusively.

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All trainers of the Wu Wei Welt network and guest riders - mostly students of Oliveira's in order to be able to guarantee the purity of the work.

And Manuel Jorge de Oliveira.

The Soirée

With A Taste Of Eternity Manuel Jorge de Oliveira and WuSon Events present the results of their trainer network. In a very dignified setting and atmosphere with candlelight, singing and music you will experience a matchless demonstration of the whole education of the horse in an artistic way like you have never seen it before.

For one night, dive into the aura of the fascinating, which all riders would like to achieve, but still only very few may experience this breath of weightless unison with the horse, with nature.

Do not expect a show in its usual sense, but a demonstration of the art of riding in different levels and categories. Be excited for our Lusitanos, for a warmblood as well as an icelandic horse. You will see young horses as well as more experienced horses on a higher level of training. From longeing the work in hand and at the long reins to the ridden horse. From the beginning to the high school.

Next performance

July 2020
for the 5th anniversary of the „Oliveira-Stables“

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Alternatively, you may book the entire show or parts of it for your own event. Please contact Isabella Sonntag directly for details.

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