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With the opening of our Oliveira Stables in Germany (D-86875 Waal), we will also initiate an advanced intense training of three years (until end of 2018), directed by Manuel Jorge de Oliveira personally, in 2016. This advanced training is suitable for riders, who really want to discover the deep truth of riding and horse training.

Taking part in this advanced training group is possible with your own horse or one of our school horses. An independent seat, interest in Baucherist literature and a serious willingness to throw existing concepts over board if necessary, are required. If you?re interested, please send us an email: info@manueljorgedeoliveira.com
Group: 8 riders.

a total of 30 days of training/year
6 fixed dates with the group, a total of 24 days
6 flexible dates, which can be booked individually with one of our school horses, a total of 6 days
From August 2016 on, the group is allowed to watch the morning trainings of the Oliveira Stables team. In these trainings, Manuel Jorge de Oliveira works with his team and rides his horses. Normally, it?s not possible for visitors to watch, but this is a special chance for the advanced training group to get a deep grasp of the art of riding.

You enroll for 3 years. The course starts in March 2016 and ends in December 2018. It is possible to arrange individual payment conditions for the members of the group, according to their possibilities. If you have to quit the course before it ends, you will be replaced by someone from the waiting list.
It is important to say that the course DOES NOT END with a test or diploma. Every one of you will have their individual test by your own every single day: do I comply with myself, do I comply with my horse. And what can I do to improve my life and that of the ones around me. Equestrian schooling is a school of life and life itself is the test.
If you need a certificate for your personal documents, Manuel Jorge de Oliveira can give you a letter of reference.

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The two groups of the course are fully booked at the moment.
If you want to reserve your place on our waiting list, please contact us.



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