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In 2005 Manuel Jorge de Oliveira met the publisher Isabella Sonntag for the first time. At this time, she was searching for «true» horse trainers. Trainers, who do not suppress their horses, but become one with them and always respect their nature and anatomy.

De Oliveira was equally thrilled by Mrs Sonntag's idea of building up a network of trainers like this, in order to train horses to the highest level without cruel methods like Rollkur, as she was thrilled by his abilities and his intuitive access to the horses. Thus, it became their joint vision, to develop bases of good horse training.

Today de Oliveira contributes to this project with young horses from his breed, which are provided by wu wei, and are already worked with at the first three bases near Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich according to the guide lines of «good horse training». In her magazine Piaffe, Mrs. Sonntag keeps record of the progress of these horses continuously. Manuel Jorge de Oliveira accompanies the training of these horses as a mentor. For the first time, we presented the result of our work on July 12th, 2014 in our Soirée Classique Pure. With the Oliveira Stables in D-86875 Waal, Germany, we now have the possibility to demonstrate it every day.


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