„Nuno Oliveira helped me discover my humanity and find deep access to my soul as a rider and with that, a connection to the horses' soul.“

His Life

Manuel Jorge Martins de Oliveira was born in February 1959 in Azambuja, Portugal, at the big Lusitano stud farm of Ortigão Costa. He has been riding since he was six years old. Very early, he knew that his big dream was to be a bullfighter. But still, he finished his high school diploma. Soon, he became the most famous and successful bullfighter of his time, celebrated in Portugal, Spain and France. But all fame and success could not fill him - on the contrary, he soon felt empty and exhausted.

Four years of intense exchange with Master Nuno Oliveira, from 1985 to his death in 1989, have changed his life forever. He started to grow and thrive on the inside, he discovered his own humanity. His riding started to develop - his relationship to the horses changed.

On top of his extraordinary talent for the art of riding, he has an immense knowledge about the nature of the horse. From his father, Manuel Jorge has inherited a sense for horse genetics, which he has been using since 1981 in his Lusitano breed with mares and stallions from the Veiga and Andrade bloodlines. His horses' pedigrees go back to famous stallions, such as Novilheiro.

Manuel Jorge has finished his career as a bullfighter on June 21st, 2013 in Cartaxo, Portugal, in front of thousands of spectators. In 44 years of active bullfight in the arena with countless accidents and an equal number of breath taking moments there was one thing more important than anything: His intense connection to the horse.


His horses are characterised by a sensational mobility and skills in the riding arena, they move so freely that you are reminded of the image of the centaur.

His Riding