Oliveira Stables

Oliveira Stables


- Opening in September 2015 -

Giving a new home to Manuel Jorge de Oliveira's profound knowledge and skills, we are establishing the OLIVEIRA STABLES in southern Germany.

In this new training centre, De Oliveira gives personal lessons to clients and works with his team and the horses intensely on at least ten days every month, for this place will also be the centre of the Wu Wei network. Moreover, we have the possibility to accept horses for training and to offer lessons on well-educated school horses. Another great opportunity for all riders and people interested in the art of riding will be our open training on Sundays and the exchange with other riders.

On September 26th, 2015 we will inaugurate the OLIVEIRA STABLES in 86875 Waal with our Soirée Classique Pure "A Taste of Eternity".

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De Oliveira has finished his career as a bullfighter and now concentrates on passing his great knowledge about the horses and riding on to other riders. He always teaches only one person per lesson and a lesson takes as long as it takes. As long as it takes to be fruitful and fulfilling for horse and rider.

„When I assess someone on horseback, then I am not concerned about whether that person is riding 'well' or 'badly'. I am only interested in finding out whether that person is a horseman, or horsewoman as the case may be. Similarly, I cannot divide horse training into categories such as classical or non-classical. For the attempt to find another term to describe training a horse is like a fashion show in which various designers each celebrate their own understanding of fashion.
But each and every horse is an individual, and as such it must be completely individually ridden, so that with its smooth and athletic body it can perform all the movements required by the rider with the greatest possible degree of lightness.“

Lessons with the Master

The OLIVEIRA STABLES are administered by veterinary Christina Wunderlich. Seminars you would like to attend with your own horse (comfortable guest stalls are available) can still be booked on our Wu Wei Website www.wu-wei-shop.de

Besides his native language Portuguese Manuel Jorge de Oliveira is fluent in Spanish, French and English.

Regarding prices for lessons, horse accommodation and training we are happy to answer all your questions in person.

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