The Book

In «The Touch of Eternity» Manuel Jorge Martins de Oliveira describes ways into the other dimension, he talks about his master Nuno Oliveira and accounts how he himself has found inner freedom.

„When you ride a horse and achieve the perfect balance between yourself and the horse, when both are breathing from the deepest depths, when both sense that time has been suspended - that is what I understand by eternity. In moments of perfect balance with the horse, doors open and stairways stretch out before you. Horses have the ability to lead you into this other dimension, into the realm of immortality.“

The Book

The Touch Of Eternity
Riding as a path into a new dimension
by Manuel Jorge de Oliveira

160 pages with many photos
€ 29,95 (D)

ISBN 978-3-930953-85-1
Wu Wei Verlag, March 2013

The Audiobook

Der Hauch von Ewigkeit
Audiobook in German
3 CDs, 190 minutes, unabridged

Speaker German text: Hartmut Stanke
Portuguese passages and Fado songs: Manuel Jorge de Oliveira

€ 24,80 (D)
ISBN 978-3-930953-99-8
Wu Wei Verlag, May 2013

available in German only